Global Youth Leadership Academy (GYLA) is a world-class educational and experiential learning program that provides international high school students with leadership skills, challenges their global and cultural awareness and builds their commitment to servant leadership.

  • Character Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Developing Self Confidence
  • Global Awareness
  • Servant Leadership
  • Cross Cultural Diversity
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Starting a Social Movement

Experience and Development

  • Leadership Skills
  • Inter and Intra-Personal Communication skills
  • Team Building and Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Assertiveness and Self Confidence
  • Empathy and Humility
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to affect change in  their lives and communities

You will be amazed at how your student's leadership skills transform in just 7 days!

Featured Speaker & Trainer for GYLA

Founder and President, Tommy Spaulding Companies

Tommy Spaulding is the president of Tommy Spaulding Companies and founder of GYLA. He is a world-renowned speaker on leadership, an author of multiple best-selling books, and he coaches and trains executives. His latest book, The Heart-Led Leader, was listed on the Top 100 Best Business Books of 2015.

Tommy rose to become the youngest President of the world-renowned international leadership organization Up with People. He also founded Leader’s Challenge, which grew to become the largest high school leadership program in the state of Colorado as well as National Leadership Academy, an intensive, four-day leadership Academy for high school students held in Denver, CO.  Tommy travels with our group and shares his expertise and knowledge with our students throughout the week.